Friday, May 8, 2009

1 September 2008, #5. "Goose" - 6m07s

This seems to be developed from Crane II, which was recorded immediately previously. It also sounds related quite a bit to a harmonic theme in "Glacier Discovery" (the third track on "Passages") – it shares phrase lengths and harmonic relations. But it is more florid, more active, and ultimately more mistake-ridden and uninteresting — it ends up sounding too much like noodling. Hence my dropping the F-bomb at the 3:20 mark (parents, cover your children's ears!). Then I glissando, to figuratively wipe the slate clean and start over.

I'll say, though, I've no idea how I got the sostenuto pedal and the low register depressed in the middle of the improvisation. Literally – I don't remember. It makes for a fascinating and shimmery texture. But if people don't realize that what you are doing is organic, they think it's just some Enya effect. And I will admit that it makes me play a little like Enya. By which I am less than thrilled. And you can hear it when, at the end, I realize just how banal I've become and have to wipe the slate clean again.

Why am I posting this? Maybe to show you that sometimes the good stuff just won't come out.

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Recorded on September 1st, 2008, at Magic Closet Studios, in Portland, OR.